Aug 30, 2011

Why Write a Book?

Throughout my experience in publishing this book, I have been asked why I decided to begin. Why did I choose to write a book on this topic? What was my inspiration? What is my purpose?

These are all valid questions, and the answers may add context to the book itself.

My blog has long served as a platform to share my ideas and observations. Some of my articles are lengthy and contain in depth research on the topic; others are short, terse, and often controversial. Over the years this intellectual outlet has aided me in my own quest to discover and understand truth.

I am a firm believer in eternal principles. I believe that ancient and modern prophets have revealed God’s will on a variety of topics, including and especially political ones. I believe that religion and politics are not mutually exclusive; indeed, religion can, does, and should affect politics. I believe that the Latter-day Saints, armed with the revealed word of God, have the opportunity to be the world’s foremost champions of individual liberty.

As I review the current political climate, I think that this book is being released at an extremely opportune time. Consider the interesting fact that two members of the LDS Church are currently seeking election to the office of United States President. Should Mormons vote for one or either simply because they share a religious affiliation? Do these two candidates espouse a political philosophy that is guided by our faith?

Also consider the rise of libertarianism and its focus within the Republican presidential race. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are the two candidates whose platforms have helped give the topic of individual liberty additional attention. Other candidates are promoting policies which have a similar foundation.

The rise of these two factors in our political discourse has created an environment in which Latter-Day Liberty will be well received, I think. This book discuses what Mormon theology has to say about government and politics, what liberty and agency are, and why understanding these topics (including and especially their application to controversial political issues) is essential.

In short, I wrote this book because I think that members of the LDS Church should be strong advocates for individual liberty, and that our doctrine offers significant support for such a stance. As I wrote in the book’s preface:

I believe that a fundamental aspect of the good news of the gospel is the message of agency and liberty. Men of God, both ancient and modern, have spoken on this issue repeatedly. Unfortunately, I also believe that their collective counsel has gone mostly unheeded. My purpose in writing this book is to provide an analysis of what liberty is and how it applies to government and politics, using logic, reason, and secular sources of information, in addition to the abundant scriptures and statements from prophets and apostles which relate to these issues.

I hope you’ll purchase a copy and take the time to consider the material I’ve presented. Be sure to also read reviews from those who have already read it; perhaps their words of support will convey the importance of this subject!

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